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Plaintiff's Personal Injury

In the unfortunate event that you are injured in an accident of any kind, motor vehicle or otherwise, our experienced attorneys and staff will guide you through the process of a personal injury claim. We pride ourselves on providing individualized attention. We listen to your opinion and respond to phone calls and inquiries immediately. We are result oriented; seeking to work hard for our clients to restore them to the pre accident condition and provide them with the care and resources they will need post-accident. No fee is required unless we make a recovery for your injuries.

Workman's Compensation

If you are injured during a period of employment, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys are skilled at navigating a case through the Workman's Compensation courts. We have represented hundreds of clients who have received record settlements for on the job injuries. Don't be fooled to think that your employer's insurance company is on your side. Know your rights. We can help!

Product Liability

Injured by a defective product? Call us for an evaluation. We are experienced in clarifying the issues involved and getting results. LaRosa law firm has won varied Product liability Lawsuits holding manufacturers accountable for unsafe and defective products which have caused injury to unknowing consumers. Please remember to preserve the alleged defective product, if at all possible.

Medical Malpractice

What do you do when the trusted doctor or medical staff provides substandard care and this omission causes you and your family great pain and suffering and perhaps even death? Our office will evaluate your case in conjunction with trusted medical personnel to determine if the standard of care was breached and what it will take to make you and your family whole and get you the compensation you deserve for the harm done.

Family Law, Divorce, Custody and Support

Pennsylvania is a No-Fault Divorce State, but even so, there is perhaps no greater stress for a client than a painful divorce. Our lawyers take special care to be sensitive to the needs of the client. We often work in conjunction with family Mediation experts to put together a stress free, no fault Divorce. Divorce almost always encompasses many aspects, including ending the marriage, equitable distribution of the property, custody, and support. Our lawyers are skilled in helping to facilitate the process in a professional, timely manner. Experienced at all aspects and nuances of family law, we take great care to represent the client to gain fair results without the hostile pretense that often surrounds divorce cases.

Criminal, D.U.I., License Suspensions and Violations

Minor criminal offenses can turn into major problems without proper representation. Our lawyers navigate the waters of criminal court daily. It is our job to know the intricacies of the criminal systems in the surrounding counties and we are experts in following the procedure and arguing the law to help minimize a penalty and get you the justice you deserve.

Social Security Disability

Often Social Security Income can be one client's only source of income and a claim denial is devastating and confusing. Our lawyers have represented hundreds of clients with Social Security issues and helped them navigate the process and significantly increased the benefits received.

Estate Planning and Litigation and Probate

Every family needs good Estate Planning, even if it is a simple Will. Creating a way to distribute your assets gives the gift of peace of mind to the client and the next of kin. Our firm can help you create Wills, Living Wills or Health Directives and Powers of Attorneys. Our lawyers are skilled at drafting effective documents for legal contingencies such as guardianship of minor children or incapacitated persons. We understand Federal and State Estate Tax laws and can identify assets that require protections. We can also handle the Administration of a loved one's estate from start to finish. This process can be much more complicated than expected to properly protect and recover assets of the estate, while efficiently wrapping up the estate administration without liability to the executors.

Commercial Litigation and Real Estate

Our firm negotiates and drafts contracts of all nature. Our work includes but is not limited to employment contracts, Construction Contracts, Doctor/Staff Employment agreements, Corporation formation documentation, Real Estate agreements, Bank and lending documentation. We work with local businesses to bolster their infrastructure and grow with competition.

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