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Case Histories
  • $94,000 – Workers Compensation Penalty Award

    Employer forced to pay large penalty on top of regular benefits for violating the worker’s Compensation Act.

  • $90,000 – Bike Hit by Motor Vehicle

    40+ woman knocked off bike by car that fled scene. Scarring and other injuries.

  • $80,000 – Pedestrian Child Hit by Police Car

    A 6 year old boy was hit by police car causing scarring to lower leg. Police alleged dart out by child. Disputed negligence of police officer Case settled before trial.

  • $75,000 – Dental Malpractice – Bad Dentures/Implants

    60 something man provided substandard dental implants and bridges causing further decay and repair necessary. Case settled before trial.

  • $75,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Limo Lane Change

    50+ woman struck by Limo changing lanes – Disputed fault. Sprains and Strains to body. Case settled before Mediation Judge.

  • $70,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident

    40+ woman- sprains and strains.