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Case Histories
  • $200,000 – Hospital Negligence – Fall From Bed

    90 year old man fell from bed causing fractured hip-unattended despite dementia and combativeness. Tried to verdict in Delaware County Pennsylvania.

  • $200,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Shoulder Injury

    40 something male hit from behind in motor vehicle accident. Torn rotator cuff + surgery. Allegations of future surgery disputed by defendant. Verdict at Arbitration.

  • $200,000 – Workers Compensation – Hepatitis C Contraction

    Wife’s fatal claim for husband’s death due to contraction of Hepatitis C as a medical waste removal employee.

  • $190,000 – Medical Malpractice – Eye Surgery

    40+ man had eye surgery causing double vision in one eye. Case settled prior to trial.

  • $180,000 – Medical malpractice – Failure to Treat

    40+ man caused to lose use of one kidney for doctor’s failure to treat kidney stone visible on diagnostic studies.

  • $177,500 – Slip and Fall – Movie Theater/Mall

    50 something woman fell on ice outside Mall Movie Theater causing broken arm and surgery. Water allowed to accumulate despite notice to Mall and Theater Owners. Case settled before trial.

  • $175,000 – Motor vehicle Accident – Truck

    50 + man hit from behind – Low back surgery.