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Case Histories
  • $500,000 – Medical Malpractice – Wrong Blood – Death

    70+ retired man given wrong blood in hospital – dies immediately. Survived by wife. Settled before litigation commenced.

  • $300,000 – Product Liability – Table Saw Design Defect

    30+ man had permanent damage to one eye from piece of table saw guide arm that came loose striking moving saw blade. Case settled day before trial.

  • $300,000 – Slip and Fall- Pool Side

    Hotel allowed a collection of slimy water to accumulate and create slippery condition causing fall to 30 something woman-herniated lumbar disc with surgery. Case settled before trial.

  • $290,000 – Parking Attendant Assault – Fractured Leg with Surgery

    60+ man kicked in leg by parking attendant during argument. Fractured leg with surgery. Settled prior to Litigation.

  • $250,000 – Nursing Home Negligence

    Quadriplegic woman deprived of oxygen – death. Settled after picking jury at trial.

  • $225,000 – Medical Malpractice – Cardiology

    Cardiologist failed to monitor side affects of medication causing harm to patient’s liver. Case settled before trial.

  • $210,000 – Motor vehicle accident – Broken Leg/Surgery

    50+ woman struck head on by another vehicle. Leg surgery, continuing complaints. Case settled before trial.