Dedication. Experience. Commitment.


Michael La Rosa has been my Attorney for the past fifteen years. He has proven himself to be a committed professional, who is well informed. He is exceptional in his attention to detail. I have grown to rely on his timely follow up to all situations which I have sought his expertise. He is dedicated to our Attorney / Client relationship. He has consistently made himself available by phone or in person providing me with whatever time was required. He has the ability to make you feel at ease, no matter what the situation. I have referred both family and friends to Michael La Rosa with confidence that he will provide them the same excellent service he has provided me over the years. -Joseph T. Roman, Sr.

I have known Michael La Rosa for the past fifteen years.He is the consummate lawyer; intelligent, knowledgeable, fair, thorough and caring. I am fortunate to retain him as my attorney. Michael has the rare capacity of being able to listen to his clients problems and then to honestly and intelligently evaluate the situation in an objective manner. He will tell you what you HAVE to hear, not what you WANT to hear. Michael is always well prepared and is extremely knowledgeable of the law. He shows sincere concern for his clients. In my experience in working with Michael as my attorney, he has a strong work ethic and always does more than is required o represent his clients at the highest level. Michael LaRosa is one of the most ethical men that I have ever known. I recommend him with no reservations.-Louis A. Tancredi
"As a consumer, we are more than pleased with Michaels services! As a friend, we are honored to have Michael (and his family) in our lives! Michael has been our family attorney for approximately 18 years and came highly recommended by our parents. I have personally had the experience and pleasure of using his services. I have found Michael LaRosa to be an exceptional lawyer who actually shows he cares for his client's situations and circumstances. He exhibited the ability to successfully litigate any and all of our concerns, regarding loss of wages, medical bills and the receiving of compensation for injuries, using detailed painstaking research, to validate our claims. He has successfully represented my wife and her family on many occasions and I have personally referred him to my family and friends who have retained his services as their legal representative. Michael's the essence of perfection who displays pride in his profession through his work and his popularity is the direct result of testimonials from satisfied client's, not due to the dependence of gimmicky commercials which target a specific clientele. He is a no nonsense attorney who does not downplay or diminish the severity of the clients legal needs or expectations. He is an honest individual who displays integrity and an uncompromising professional attitude. He and his associates specialize in various areas of law and provide the very best in service no matter what your legal needs. Michael has been adopted by my wife and myself as an official member of our family and honored us by attending, (with his Wife) the renewing of our wedding vows." -Mr. Blanding
I had served with the Philadelphia Police Department for twenty-seven (27) years. On March 18th, 1991 I was working as an Abandoned Vehicle Officer for the Philadelphia Police Department when in the course of my duty I was involved in two (2) accidents on the same day; the first, in the Police District on a flight of steps, the second, en route to the hospital for treatment, when a vehicle disregarded a traffic stop sign. While receiving treatment at two different hospitals, I realized the complexity of my injuries and decided that I would need the advice of an attorney to guide me through the legal and medical system to be able to protect myself. This is when I met Michael La Rosa, Attorney and Counselor at Law. Mike was recommended to me by another attorney that I knew. Michael La Rosa presented himself as the ultimate professional; he was always knowledgeable and addressed me in a courteous manner. Mike's expertise and sensitivity gave me the felling that I was in good caring hands. He proved to be all of the above and much more. In every step of the process, Mike was the type of professional attorney who always keeps you informed and knowledgeable. He made sure to communicate on a regular basis via numerous phone calls and provided me with copies of briefs. My situation became extensively complex and turned into three (3) separate cases. Nonetheless, through the entire process Mike was a constant professional and a resource every step of the way from 1991 until the present. In the past seventeen (17) years Mike has represented me at numerous disability and separate medical hearings defending my best interest from the Philadelphia Police Department on a Pro-Bono basis, although he was fully aware that had he chosen otherwise I would have been represented by the Philadelphia Police Department Union. Had I not had Michael La Rosa I would have found myself in a difficult situation; during the hearing the Medical Doctor would not allow the union to represent not only me but other individuals. After a conversation with the Medical Doctor, Mike La Rosa gained the ability to remain and represent my case. His involvement proved to be instrumental in obtaining a favorable outcome. Mike not only represented me in numerous court cases over the years but he was the primary contact for the automotive insurance claims and he made sure that I received every benefit from the auto policy. The third case tested Michael La Rosa's knowledge and endurance against the Worker's Compensation Bureau. In preparation for this case he worked diligently on numerous briefs and attended many hearings. During the entire process I felt completely informed, he maintained constant communication and made sure I had copies of all of the briefs, he also called to make sure that I understood all of the legal verbiage. In the event that I had questions, he was always available to me regardless of pre-set office hour. I often called him after work hours and he called me right back even when he was on vacation. My case reached the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Eastern District, and it turned out favorable because Mike La Rosa represented me. After all of the trials and tribulations that I incurred in the past seventeen (17) years I Dominick Candito III, a retired police officer who served the City of Philadelphia for twenty-seven (27) years would recommend Mike La Rosa for one simple reason; he is a genuine human being who will treat you with the respect and care that he would treat his own family. And when you add the rest of his accomplishments, his expertise and top it off with his credentials he exemplifies the definition of a consummate professional."-Dominick Candito, III